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My name is Jack Mattox and I'm a Certified Instructor for Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle Basic and CCW Personal Protection. Also a certified Hunter Education Instructor. I'm a life long NRA member and believe everyone is entitled to protect themselves. I truly believe in following the laws and respect the changes they bring. I believe laws don't save lives but guns do stop crimes. Since retiring from Chrysler Jeep in 2002, I've decided to spread the word of gun safety and self protection. I had a cabin built that I use for my classes. I've been involved in teaching Boy Scouts and  promoting the Eddie Eagle Program. I teach the fundamentals of gun safety along with the dangers of loaded and unloaded firearms. I believe knowledge is the key to safe gun handling and if I can keep one person/child safe through my class, I've done my job.

NRA Certified Personal Protection, CCW and Hunter Safety Instructors 

Kidz Safety Day Camp

Kidz Safety Camp is to promote awareness and readiness should a firearm be found in their presence.What should you do if you find a firearm and how to handle a situation if your friend finds a loaded or unloaded firearm. This is a 2 hour class full of information to build the confidence that all parents hope their little ones will forever remember.

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***$100.00 per person! no extra charge for a private session***

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